How can we help you?

A. Is your LoveAlarm not working properly? First, try logging out and logging in again. If you’re still having trouble receiving a LoveAlarm, check to see if you have turned on your notifications on the OS setting! If it’s turned off, you can turn it on to start receiving your LoveAlarm. You can find more detailed instructions in [Settings > My love alarm doesn’t ring!]

A. You only have one chance in 24 hours to ring someone’s LoveAlarm. That mean’s its more meaningful when you send and receive a LoveAlarm.

A. LoveAlarm rings everywhere in the world. Please refer to [Settings > My LoveAlarm doesn’t ring!] to check why your LoveAlarm isn’t working properly.

A. The total number of hearts you have received will still be displayed even if you have turned off your push notifications. However, there is a chance that you might miss a LoveAlarm! To prevent from happening, we recommend you to turn on your notifications in your OS settings, and open LoveAlarm app to click [Settings] and turn on your push notification and agree to marketing notifications.

A. Currently, all LoveAlarm is sent anonymously and there is no way of knowing if they have checked their LoveAlarm.

A. Unfortunately, if you have already sent out a LoveAlarm, there is no way to cancel it. Please make sure to insert the correct heart ID before sending it.

A. Unfortunately, hearts you have received through a promotion or location based service won’t be included in the total number of display. It is only collected through ringing a LoveAlarm to a Heart ID.

A. Heart ID is a unique address that can ring a LoveAlarm. Send or receive the hearts through Heart ID.

A. You can not change your Heart ID once it’s created. Heart ID is the address of one’s unique mind and is given differently to each person. We are sorry if it’s not the number you wanted, but keep in mind that no one else has that number and it’s your own special Heart ID!

A. Unfortunately there is no way to view other people’s Heart ID within the app. However, due to our many events in the past, many people have shared their Heart ID on their social media account such as Instagram, Twitter and YouTube! Enter our event now to share your Heart ID with others by going to [Settings>Instagram/YouTube/Twitter].

A. Currently, you can only ring someone’s LoveAlarm through entering their Heart ID. Enter our event now to share your Heart ID with others by going to [Settings>Instagram/YouTube/Twitter].

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