‘KyeYoung Chon’ Live Stream, Every Thursday on Youtube

You can watch how the next season of “Love Alarm” is created in real-time via your PC or mobile device. This Youtube live is aiming to disclose the entire process of creating the season 8 episodes of ‘Love Alarm’ as well as original artist, KyeYoung Chon sharing her thoughts and to interact with her fans. 

All the characters and artwork from the title have been completed by high-end technology, 3D and voice recognition in iOS, known as ‘Accessibility’. She devised this unusual combination to show her fans it is still possible to be working on her webtoon despite her serious injury on her right fingers. She suffers from a chronic injury that affects her fingers due to the heavy workload while she had been working on her career in the competitive comic-book industry.

Perhaps you can tell by a few mistakes that she did not perfectly complete what she had intended to be done.
However, the subscribers to this channel seem to quite enjoy these moments participating with the early phase of the new method.

If you want to watch this live show, subscribe to the channel, KyeYoung Chon.
You can also get a notification before the live stream starts. The show is on every Thursday night at 9:30.

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